Arlatec Oy - Company 

Arlatec Oy is a company established in 1992, whose activities have since been terminated. We bought Arlatec and changed the industry. The current activity has started in 2017. Although the name may sound like a familiar milk producer, as a small note, we have already used the name before them. The origin of the name is a riddle, but due to the familiar milk producer, we have heard the checkout. We can handle this.

We are an importer and we import all our equipment ourselves. We provide you with reliable and fast equipment. We also offer our products for resale.

An original idea to sell handsets. Where did you get the idea?

Yes! The idea was that one of the founders wanted to buy a cheap phone from China. That's when he got a spectacular phone as good as selling in Finland, but three times cheaper. The enthusiasm, however, went down because of the inconvenience. The obstacles were eg. long delivery time (up to 30 business days), VAT payments, processing fees on arrival in Finland, unclear customs duties and handling of warranty issues were a big problem and a question mark. There was nothing. Well, maybe some Finnish store would sell the same phones and so on, but no one had anything in stock and the prices were breathtaking.

So it went off. We started looking for the best manufacturers (and others) who were ready for close cooperation and wanted to expand their business to as small a country as Finland. We made trial orders and tested manufacturers and products, the best surviving our range. We are proud to be officially the first to sell Bluboo, Doogee and Zopo smartphones in Finland and to offer you Chuwin, Pipo, Elephonen and Ulefonon devices.

What do we learn from this? Avoid setting up a business, buy a phone from us.

Arlatec's role is to:

- Being on the consumer side. Other returns / cancellations are made very easy and you do not have to pay for it. Additionally, we have a 30 day exchange and return right. (It's often only mandatory for 14 days specified by law).

- Provide the best possible customer service. This is done by providing a wide range of contact channels and making contact really easy. We consider each customer as an individual and you always get personalized service. We are looking for a device that's right for you and we will not forcibly sell you the most expensive option. In addition, the transaction is made easy on one page cashier and we offer quite a few different payment options.

- Offer the cheapest rates. This is made possible by ordering all products directly from the factories without the intermediaries. So they say they do. For Blubo, Zopo and Doogee, we are the first official importer and reseller in Finland. In addition, our cost structure is really inexpensive so product margins can be considered low. We prefer to sell a lot cheaply than a bit expensive.

Arlatec aims to:

- Be a respected online store, known for its quality in every area

- Be the biggest importer of our products in Finland and later in whole Scandinavia and EU