Q: I never heard about these brands, are they really on par with my old phone?

A: Good question! We get this a lot. But objectively speaking yes in most cases they are on par or even better than the phone you are using right now. They have the same specs but cheaper price because you are paying for the parts and not for the brand logo. You have to remember that every mainstream brand began their journey as small unknown manufacturer as well. Don’t let the price fool you; these are quality products without rip off markup.

Q: Why shipping takes so long on some products?

A: Good question! The products we have on stock ship to you in 2 to 5 business days. We are still staring our business and unfortunately we don’t have every product on our stock ready to go. So on those rare cases we have to order new batch from the manufacturers and it takes usually 7-19 business days. This is still a lot quicker than anything our competitors can provide at the time of writing this. Arlatec has made the best possible contracts with our partners and the shipping companies to provide fast and reliable shipping.

Q: It states you have this X product on stock but still it has over 7 day long shipping estimate, what gives?

A: Good question! Our webstore platform might update the current status of availability behind time. This could happen when someone else just brought the last item from stock while you were browsing the page.

Q: This is too cheap to be true. How are you able to sell these phones at these prices?

A: Good question! First of all all our products come straight from the assembly line without any kind of middlemen rising the mark up. We are only a online store therefore we are free from overheads which brick and mortar stores face on they operations. Our business structure is very light and we are able to cut unnecessary expenses by planning ahead. And the most importantly our partners don’t charge stupid markups which leads you, the customer, to pay less for your device.

Q: Are your devices CE-approved?

A: Good question! All of our devices are CE-approved and every manufacturer has the appropriate licences and certificates required in their region.

Q: I’ve never heard of these brands. How can I be sure that they work as they should?

 A: Good question! Even though our devices are not as know here in Finland as some other devices from mainstream brands might be, it is our intent to bring the knowledge here. Our partners are well-known and highly respected in their regions. Of course we want to be sure that our devices live up to the hype so we actually test all of them ourselves. Remember that we provide free 30 day return policy and most of the devices ship with 12 month warranty with only some exceptions.

Q: What if my new device stops working? How does the warranty etc. work in practice?

A: Good question! IF that were to happen you would have nothing to worry about. If you are living in Finland then all it takes is that you would send your device back to us (on our expense of course) and soon as we receive it we will immediately send it to service. In many cases we will send you a replacement while you wait and it should reach you within the week. If you happen to be a customer from a foreign land, please contact our customer support and we will see what we could do to you!

Q: I would like to pay my order in instalments, is it ok?

A: Good question! Most certainly if you wish. We provide many different payment instalments to you to choose. Read more here.