Our partners


We have listed our partner brands below and provide you with some understanding why we chose to contact them in the first place. It is common knowledge that most of the phones today are made using the same parts & materials, the same technology and in the same factories. The biggest difference is who slaps their logo on the backcover of your phone and charges you extra for it. This doesn’t make some brands better or the worse but you should keep your eyes and mind open.

Doogee - Connect people and the world.

  • Established in Japan 2013, later transferred to Chinese ownership.

  • Many designs are still made in Japan

  • Doogee has achieved loyal customers from all around the globe

  • Main markets are found in Romania, Czech republic as well as Ukraine.

  • And finally they have expanded to Finland as well thanks to us

  • Devices come straight from the factory to us, we are fully licensed to service their products and we have the necessary tools and equipment to do so.



  • Established in 2012.

  • Name comes from “Zealous Open Perfect Outstanding”.

  • Three time MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo has been big sponsor and helped a lot to make what Zopo is today

  • Zopo has also worked with former Nokia employees who created the Jolla phone.



  • Established in 2004.

  • Operates in 12 countries and is partner with Mircrosoft, Intel, Huawei and Google.

  • Is focused to bring the highest quality computers and tablets to the everyday customer.



  • Established in 2003 and has over 400 employees in Shenzei

  • Offers tablets, laptops as well as other smart devices and tie-ins.